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Woofz - Puppy Schedule & Dog Training

About Woofz - Puppy Schedule & Pet Tracker

Do you know what makes your dog happy? Does your dog pull on the leash as you walk it? Does it come when you call it? If not, your woofer is in danger of running into the street and getting hit by a car. Sounds terrifying, right? That’s because it is. But worry not. Woofz is a dog training app that helps pup lovers to teach their four-legged buddies to be obedient and well-behaved. It has a ton of helpful material that will enable you to train your dog in just a few weeks. These include video and audio tutorials, training manuals, tips, tricks, and access to professional dog training support.
This dog training and pet schedule app asks you a few questions about your dog, which it uses to analyze your puppy's current behavior. Once you finish this onboarding step, the app provides you with personalized information to help you train it to be the perfect buddy. Expert dog trainers designed the app’s content, and as the 100K+ user base confirms, it will definitely turn your dog into a sweet companion.
Every dog should know seven common commands, as they are effortless to teach. Additionally, these basic dog commands are essential for every dog to know, as they make your pet obedient and manageable. These commands are No, Heel, Stay, Sit, Down, Off, On. The app’s content is structured into lessons and tutorials. In the most recent update, they added the Dow Walking Course that will help you teach your dog to heel.

▪ Dog Training Courses: The app offers several dog training courses that focus on various aspects of dog behavior, ensuring that you have all the tools to make your canine friend compliant.
▪ Flexible Subscription Packages: To ensure that the app is accessible to all dog lovers, the app offers subscription packages, which provide you with courses and tutorials to train your pup.

▪ Playful User Interface: Let’s face it. Dogs are playful, and any doggy app should be playful. This is what the designers of Woofz did. From the first screen you see, through the various features, the app adopts a playful, intuitive UI that makes training your dog as lively as possible.

▪ Pet Activity Schedule Calendar: We all forget important stuff every once in a while, so the developers of this app ensure that you’ll never miss a pet activity. With the app’s pet schedule, you can create reminders to walk your dog or take it to a vet for immunization. You never miss a planned event.

▪ Visual Learning: We all know how boring it can be to flip a 1000-page leaflet looking for tips on making your pup behave the way you want. Woofz is designed as a visual learning tool with tons of informative infographics and videos to show you what you need to know quickly.
Woofz follows a subscription model and offers two plans. A Weekly Plan at $??? per week, and a 12-Weekly Plan for $??. Both plans provide you with all the dog training content you will ever need.

Woofz is available for both Android and iOs devices. On Google’s PlayStore, the app has a download size of only 50MB and supports devices running Android version 1.2 and above. That’s literally all Android phones and tablets.
For iOS devices, the app has a download size of 135MB and requires iOS 12.0 or later, and the latest version comes with bug fixes and the new Dog Walking course.

Every dog owner is filled with joy whenever their canine friends respond to their commands, don’t chew their shoes while they sleep, and don’t run off when you take the leash off. Training your dog to behave the way you want doesn’t have to be rocket science, and with this app, you will be able to train your woofer in a matter of weeks. You will enjoy a stronger bond. The dog will be safer, easy to manage, will be easy to manage, and will gain more knowledge and intelligence than it has now. Download the app today and take their 3-day trial offer to check it out and begin the well-behaved, obedient, and more friendly journey.